Image for Vauxhall plan entry-level EV for £22

Vauxhall plan entry-level EV for £22,000.

To encourage the take-up of EV’s, Vauxhall is planning to introduce one of the most affordable compact electric cars available, with a target price of just £22,000. To encourage consumers to switch to EVs, many drivers in the UK have been citing affordability as one of the main barriers of EV adoption. Since the bulk of electric vehicles now on the market cost more than £30,000, auto-makers are striving to inttroduce lower cost models. Currently, Vauxhall offers the Corsa-e, Mokka-e, and Astra Electric in their line-up of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in addition to the Vivaro-e, and Combo-e, vans. Starting prices for the Corsa are £32,445, while those for the Mokka-e and Astra Electric are £36,610 and £37,795 respectively.

Opel CEO Florian Huettl stated that a city car “was possible” and that there was still room in the Vauxhall lineup for a more compact model. He would not, however, affirm if the idea for such a vehicle had ever been considered, according to Autocar. The creation of new, highly energy-dense batteries would be essential to the success of such a vehicle, he continued. This would improve the vehicle’s interior room, reduce its weight, and cut the vehicle’s initial cost.

According to Huettl, their goal for the upcoming generation is to produce an EV for the competitive price of around £21,748 (€25,000). He went on to explain that drivers looking to transition to electric vehicles were finding that the cost of more affordable vehicles was becoming  advantageous. Due to the battery, even smaller electric cars currently cost more than their petrol or diesel equivalents.

Solid-state batteries with a 750-mile maximum range may be accessible as early as 2027, according to a recent announcement by Toyota. Even though consumers would initially pay more for this, many experts are optimistic that before the end of the decade, the cost of electric automobiles will be comparable to that of petrol and diesel vehicles.

New electric automobiles under £30,000 are being introduced by an increasing number of firms and for those looking for an inexpensive EV, the MG4 EV SE is an affordable alternative, coming in at just £26,995, with a WLTP range of 218 miles.

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