Warranty Information

Our repair warranty covers you in case your cables stop working due to a manufacturer’s fault. We warrant that Goods will be free from material defects in design, materials or workmanship for the period stated in your user booklet or warranty card. All cables are tested before they are shipped to ensure that they are in working order. If your charger stops working, please refer to the troubleshooting information supplied with your product. Please also refer to the user booklet supplied with your charging cable and the information about taking care of your charger to ensure prolonged trouble-free use. Our portable chargers (chargers that are plugged in to to a 3 pin socket or CEE socket) have a 12 months warranty. Our Mode 3 charging cables (Type 2 to Type 2 or Type 1 to Type 2 cable that is plugged in to a Type 2 charging point) have a 24 months warranty. In order to qualify for the warranty, you must have purchased the product directly from us and be able to provide proof of purchase. Please note that damage to the plug caps is not covered by the warranty. The following is NOT covered and will invalidate the warranty:

  • Deliberate or accidental damage to the cable or plugs.
  • Rust and / or water damage caused by moisture or liquids penetrating the connectors. Plug covers are provided to protect the vehicle connectors from water damage, please use when the item is not in use.
  • Any tampering with, disassembling or customisation of the product.
  • Damage to the cable, plug, wiring or device caused by a power outlet, charging unit or vehicle.
  • The cable, plug or connectors showing signs of misuse or neglect. Examples include heavy scratches, scuff marks, dents or cracks to the connector / plug; dimples, bulges or dents in the cable, cuts in the cable sheath, stress damage caused by bending, twisting, overstretching, knotting or forceful impact; Missing components; missing plug cover.

Please read the Safety Information section of the user booklet included with your product. This information will help to ensure safe and trouble free use of your product. Failing to comply with this information can lead to damage of the product that will invalidate the warranty. If you do not receive the user booklet, please contact us. Please message us if you would like to claim within the warranty period so that we can provide postage instructions for you. Responsibility for shipping and ensuring that the item is delivered to us is with you, the Buyer. On receipt of the item and on condition that the warranty conditions are met, your item will be repaired and we will send the item back to you. Repaired items will then have a warranty period equal to the remaining time of your existing warranty. For example, if your item has a 12 month warranty and you made a claim to have your item repaired after 6 months, then you will still have 6 months remaining on the warranty. The remaining time on your warranty will be from the date you made your claim and is dependent on receiving the item from you within 14 days of your claim.

The item will be subject to a video inspection upon receipt. If, after inspection, we deem that the item is working correctly or the warranty is invalidated due to the reasons listed above, then we will return the item to you. In this case we reserve the right to charge a return shipping fee of £8.50.

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