Tesla launches V4 Supercharger

Posted by John 30/08/2023 0 Comment(s)

Tesla has launched the first V4 Supercharger in Tottenham, London. The V4 rapid charger is designed to be used by all EV’s that have a CCS socket. This is great news for owners of non Tesla EVs who will soon be able to gain easier access to the large network of Tesla chargers available in the UK. 

The V4 Supercharger has a CCS connector and can be accessed without the Tesla app. The cable can be plugged into the vehicle and payment can  be made by a contactless card, so it will be just the same as other public charging points. The reported charging speeds are up to 250kW and will be future proofed for charging new models of EV.

There are over 1000 Superchargers in the UK  and in 2022, Tesla opened up 17 of their charger locations to be used by non Tesla EVs. However, this required registration and access to the Tesla app. Several of the existing Tesla charger sites and the majority of new sites will now have the new V4 charger. This is obviously good news for improving the charging infrastructure, but  in the UK and the V4 Supercharger will, hopefully be rolled out quickly. 

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