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Couple embark on a 27,000 kilometre journey across the Arctic

Scottish couple Chris and Julie Ramsey are embarking on an epic expedition from Pole to Pole this March…. in an electric car

The team will be travelling over 27,000 kilometres in a Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE while experiencing temperatures of between -30 C and 30 C. Throughout his journey from the Arctic through North, Central, and South America to Antarctica, the Ramsey’s will become the first team to travel from pole to pole in a vehicle of any kind.

Some of the world’s most harsh, unforgiving, and yet stunning scenery will be traversed throughout the route. The team will experience breath-taking and unexplored areas, including snow-covered glacial scenery, dangerous mountain climbs, and immense desert dunes.

The Ramsey’s Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE will be outfitted with a bespoke robust exterior appropriate for the journey across harsh terrain with updated wheels, tyres, and suspension in order to prepare it for the icy Arctic and Antarctic conditions. In the Americas, a second Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE that hasn’t been modified will serve as a support vehicle.

The couple acknowledge that many things, including their relationship, may be tested by the adventure, especially as the challenge is estimated to last 10 months. Julie told the BBC 

“One of the most common questions we get asked is how we’re going to charge the car in the polar regions where there’s no electricity source…. There will be a wind turbine and full double solar on this device which will be towed along, harnessing the renewable energy sources – the wind and the sun – to power the car….”

Julie explained, “That has been really challenging, innovative, pioneering – it’s never been done before. It’s to dispel common myths that people have when they question electric vehicles – things like range and how far can they go…. We are putting the car through the harshest of environments – minus temperatures and extreme heat – so we’re really pushing the car to its limits and seeing what capability it has.”

Chris and Julie aren’t first timers when it comes to all-electric expeditions. Having spent more than ten years exploring in electric automobiles, the pair were the first couple to finish the Mongol Rally in an all-electric vehicle in 2017 in a Type 1 Nissan Leaf. Over the course of 56 days and more than 16,000 kilometres, the car made it, but this time using the good old fashioned Type 1 to Schuko and Type 1 to Type 2 charging cable.

To follow Chris and Julie’s journey, check out their website –

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