New plan to save EV owners £1K in home charging costs

Posted by John 11/02/2023 0 Comment(s)

Electric vehicle consumers are set to benefit from lower energy bills and cheaper motoring thanks to a landmark plan to unlock the potential of smart electric vehicle charging.

The Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Action Plan, published by the government and Ofgem, sets out steps being taken to seize on the significant potential of smart charging and make it the preferred method of long duration charging by 2025.

Smart charging harnesses the potential of energy use data and the latest energy innovations to deliver significant benefits for consumers, including allowing motorists to charge electric vehicles when electricity is cheaper or cleaner, allowing consumers to power their home using electricity stored in their electric vehicle, or even sell it back to the grid for profit. It is expected high mileage motorists could save up to £1,000 a year through smarter charging.

  • New plan sets out steps to unlock the potential of smart electric vehicle charging, including allowing motorists to power their homes using the electricity stored in their electric vehicle
  • electric vehicle drivers could save hundreds of pounds each year while cutting emissions by smarter charging of their electric vehicles
  • billpayers without electric vehicles will also benefit from a more sustainable, secure and efficient electricity system
  • projects, including a street lamppost capable of charging electric vehicles and selling power back to the grid, will receive a share of £16 million funding