Citroen Charging Cable & Plugs 16A & 32A For Charge Point / Home Charger. Type 1 to Type 2

Item Description and Specification

32A Type 1 Citroen compatible charging cable.

Type 1 Plug to Type 2 plug 32A EV charging cable with secure locking plugs that is a compatible Citroen charger for charging the Type 1 AC socket of the Citroen range of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

This cable is a Type 2 male (62196-2 also known as Mennekes plug) to Type 1 female (J1772 plug) electric vehicle / PHEV charger, that can be used with home or office charging points and the public charge points that you will find at service stations and on the street, ie Mode 3 charging. Please note that these charging cables cannot be used to adapt or extend an existing charging cable. These EV charging cables have a 2 year warranty.

Do I need a Type 1 32A EV cable for my Citroen?

The 32 amp EV cables can be used with the following Citroen plug-in vehicles. We recommend that you refer to your EV handbook to ensure that it does not require a specific charging cable, or contact us if your electric vehicle is not listed:

Citroen Berlingo Electric, Citroen C Zero

A 32 amp charger is compatible with Citroen electric / electric vehicles, but dependent upon the on-board charger and charge point, it may not be able to provide the advantages of 1 Phase fast charging. If you have a Citroen EV that has 3.7kw charging capacity then it will only charge to a maximum of 3.7kW. However, purchasing a 32A EV cable will allow you to use the fast charging capability on 7kw and above vehicles. Our Citroen charging cable is compatible but not manufactured by Citroen, so please check your vehicle handbook to check the suitability of this charging cable for your vehicle.

Can I buy a rapid charging cable?

Rapid charging cables are capable of providing between 25 kW and 350 kW of power. If your electric vehicle has a CCS socket (Type 2 vehicles) or CHAdeMO socket (Type 1 vehicles) then it is capable of rapid charging. These charging cables are predominately available at public charging points and the cables are attached to the charging station, so you will therefore not need to buy a rapid charging cable.

Is this a Mennekes™ charging cable?

The Type 2 EV connector plug was originally proposed by Mennekes leading to the Type 2 plug being widely known as the Mennekes plug. Although this is not a Mennekes branded cable or Mennekes branded plug, the EV connector / plug is the same design type as the one proposed by Mennekes. If your vehicle is a Type 2 to Type 2 then the Type 2 Female plug will fit into the vehicle inlet and the Type 2 male plug into charging station. If your EV is Type 1 to Type 2, the Type 1 Female plug will fit into the vehicle inlet and the Type 2 male plug will fit into the socket of a charging station.

Charging cable checklist

To ensure that the cable you purchase is right for you, please read the following checklist:

  • Verify that the charging cable is compatible with your EV. The photos at the top of the page show you what the pins in the connectors look like so you can match the cable plug to your vehicle socket.
  • This cable cannot be used to adapt or extend an existing charging cable. If a charging cable is already connected to a charging point, then this cable cannot be used to extend the length by daisy-chaining them together. The cable can only be used with the open socket of a charging point.
  • Make sure that the length of the charging cable is suitable for your charging requirements. If you are using a public charging station, we recommend a length of 5 meters as it is not always possible to park so that the vehicle socket is near side to the charging station. If you are using the cable with a Wall charger at home or at an office, measure the length required to reach the vehicle socket.
  • If you do not have your electric vehicle yet, please check with the manufacturer or dealer / seller to confirm if it is already equipped with a charging cable.
  • This charging cable is compatible with AC charging stations commonly found in supermarkets, retail parks, on the street, and wall chargers typically installed outside a home or office. It is not a DC fast charging cable, also known as CCS and CHAdeMO. You do not need to buy a cable to use fast charging stations, as they are already connected to the charging station.

If in doubt, please contact us via our contact page.

We recommend the hi-vis colour for your Citroen charger

Due to the charging times required, Mode 3 EV charging cables can become an obstruction when the EV connectors are left between your vehicle and the charge point. Charging at public charge points, on your driveway or even in your garage means that your EV chargers are left as a possible obstacle, especially in the dark. Please be careful if leaving your EV charging cables lying around. High visibility charging cables are recommended to help minimise the risk of accidents.

If you would like a home charger to charge your Citroen EV using a domestic or industrial socket please browse our range of CEE and 3 pin portable EV chargers.

For trade enquiries or bulk purchases please contact us for a quote on our Trade Enquiries page. We also welcome orders for custom size cables, so if you are looking for custom cable lengths or different colour cables then please get in touch.

Citroen EV Charging Cable Specifications
Citroen charger typeMode 3, Level 2 charger. Type 1 to Type 2 (SAE J1772 to IEC 62196-2) single phase EV connectors
Cable lengths available3M, 5M, 10M
IP gradeWaterproof and dust proof to IP44 grade
Rated current32A / 230V - up to 7.4kW (also compatible with 16 amp Citroen EVs)
Max charging capacity7.4kW. Charging cable up to 32A 1 Phase
EV cable thickness3G 6.0mm2 + 2 x 0.5mm2
CertificationTUV, CE and IEC tested

Please use the rubber cover for your connectors when not in use and store the charging cable in a dry place. The EV connector plug can collect moisture and it will not work if it senses moisture.

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