No Driveway For EV Charging? No Problem

Posted by John 02/03/2024 0 Comment(s)

In a significant stride towards enhancing the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, UK startup Kerbo Charge has announced the launch of its innovative self-closing cable channel tailored for EV owners. This groundbreaking solution not only eliminates the necessity for driveways during charging but also promises substantial annual savings for users.

According to Kerbo Charge, users can potentially save an impressive £1,439 annually by opting for their self-closing cable channel instead of relying solely on fast public chargers. This revelation comes as a welcome relief for the approximately 40% of people in the UK who lack access to driveways, forcing them to navigate the challenges of public charging or risk trip hazards with cables across pavements.

The distinctive feature of Kerbo Charge's offering lies in its self-closing lid mechanism. The channel's lid securely clicks shut when the cable is inserted or removed, providing a hassle-free and safe charging experience for users.

Designed with precision to seamlessly integrate with pavement surfaces, the Kerbo Charge channel sits flush, ensuring a minimalistic and unobtrusive appearance. Council engineers can swiftly install the channel without the need to cut through the pavement's top layer of tarmac, thanks to its shallow form factor, as highlighted by Kerbo Charge.

This innovative product is the result of collaboration between Kerbo Charge and local authorities, emphasising flexibility to accommodate uneven pavement surfaces, ease of installation, and safety for all foot traffic.

As an added incentive for environmentally conscious users, Kerbo Charge offers cashback incentives for those who share their charge station with neighbours, fostering a sense of community and sustainability.

Milton Keynes proudly stands as the pioneering city to embrace this cutting-edge technology, with plans for further installations in collaboration with local authorities in Reading, Nottinghamshire, and Durham, demonstrating a commitment to expanding the reach of efficient and user-friendly EV charging solutions across the UK.

Kerbo Charge's self-closing cable channel signifies a significant step forward in making EV charging more accessible, cost-effective, and safer for all. As the electric revolution continues, innovations like these play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and convenient future for electric vehicle owners in the UK.